NPHC Recruitment


For Potential Greeks, we hope our website gives you a look at our NPHC community and a better understanding of what being Greek involves. The NPHC organizations are commonly referred to as “The Divine Nine”. At Southeast Missouri State University we have six of the nine NPHC organizations. Our women’s groups are Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho and Zeta Phi Beta. Our men’s groups are Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, and Iota Phi Theta. Our groups will hold membership intake during the academic year and will put signs and posters up everywhere describing their requirements for membership. In the meantime, attend our events and get to know us, and most of all help us get to know YOU!

What is Intake?

Intake is a process in which aspirants interested in a specific National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organization go through to obtain membership. Each NPHC organization has a different Intake Process which is generally determined by their national corporate office. Each organization looks for specific qualifications in candidates that they must obtain before the application process begins. The goal of membership intake is to recruit, long-term, effective leaders into the chapter that will promote the building of a strong presence on the Southeast Missouri State University campus and community.

Helpful Hints:

• Come talk to us! We are always around campus and LOVE to interact with our fellow students! We are very friendly and love when people ask about our organizations.
• Scholarship. Remember, you are a student first always.
• Get Involved!! Being diverse in other clubs and organizations on campus is a great way to show leadership skills and build relationships with other community members. We want well rounded members.
• Research us! We all have separate national and chapter websites that talk about our purpose, passion, and goals. Reading our websites will give you a better perspective on what we look for in potential members.
• Attend our programs. Not only do we host these programs to educate and uplift the community around us, but also to recruit members who have the same passions as we do.

NPHC Recruitment Form