The fraternal community at Southeast Missouri State University seeks to become a national leader in improving its members through exceptional recruitment, scholastic attainment, member education, and high standards of moral conduct and accountability.

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Below is a letter from the IFC President Brian Lamb:

“Thank you for your interest in Greek Life here at Southeast!

My name is Brian Lamb and I am the 2017 Interfraternity Council President. A little background about myself, I am a Senior here at Southeast and a transfer student from St. Louis Community College -Wildwood. Arriving at college, I was terrified – I knew two people and hadn’t even taken a tour of campus! Move-In day was and is still is one of my favorite days of the year – it sparked my interest in the Greek Community. Not short after Move-In day I went through Fraternity recruitment, knowing I wanted to do/ be something more than just the average college student. Through Greek Life, I became involved in a vast number of organizations and offices,  including the Office of Admissions as an Orientation Leader, Campus Life with the Emerging Leaders program and Student Government Association, to name a few. Becoming Greek here at Southeast was about more than just a social life; it was about learning how to develop and improve leadership skills, focus on my academics and have a tight-knit group of brothers to support you through the four (or five for myself) years of academia. I owe who I am today to my experience through Greek Life. I’m not asking everyone to join, rather just to give it a shot. Listed below are my phone number and email if you have any questions about Greek Life or want to chat about college here at Southeast.  See you real soon!

“It’s up to you how far you’ll go, If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” -Merlin ”


(314) 609-5917

Interfraternity Council Executive Board

Brian Lamb of ΛΧΑ



Vice President of Internal Affairs:
Zack Dunn of ΣΦΕ



Vice President of Administration:
Brian Dimariano of ΠΚΑ



Vice President of Recruitment & Retention:
Ray Killian of ΣΝ



Vice President of Community Service & Philanthropy:
Austin Dial of ΣN



Vice President of Public Relations:
Juan Salas of ΛΧΑ



Vice President of Risk Management:
Jake Scott of ΣΦΕ



Vice President of Education:
Matt Hayes of ΦΔΘ